Airbnbs flourishing in larger and less populated areas

Airbnbs located in less populated and coastal areas are flourishing, analysis from AirDNA shows.

Compared to 2019 demand has grown by 6% in Cornwall, 15% in Dorset and 16% in Scarborough, as people have looked to holiday closer to home.

It’s a different story for the big cities however, with demand falling by over 60% in London, Edinburgh and Glasgow compared to 2019.

When people do travel and stay in Airbnb holiday lets, they are staying in larger homes.

Indeed, those with homes above bedroom are making more than in 2019.

Airbnb occupancy rates look to have risen slightly, however both demand and supply for holiday lets are down by around 20% compared to 2019.

While Airbnb bookings have crept up in the UK, activity has seen more of a surge in central Europe.

Indeed, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Spain witnessed rapid rises in new bookings thanks to easier mobility within the Schengen Area.




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