Boiler upgrade scheme to launch in April

From the start of next month households will be able to apply for grants of up to £5,000 to switch from gas boilers to carbon-neutral heat pumps.

From 2025 the government is banning the installation of gas boilers in new builds, signalling that the country is looking to end its reliance on gas.

However mortgage lender Together has questioned whether the grants are enough, as the cost of replacing the gas boiler and other insultation can cost up to £18,000 depending on the property.

This is particularly challenging for homeowners of pre-1900 or ‘period properties’.

Air source heat pumps

It seems homeowners aren’t keen on heat humps.

Together data shows that only one in five (20%) want to install a heat pump, signalling that landlords and owner occupiers need some convincing when it comes to adopting the new technology.

Scott Clay, distribution director at specialist lender Together, said: “With April 1st just around the corner, the grant, though small, will be welcomed at a time when households are facing rising energy amid the cost of living crisis.

“However, many will still have a hefty set of expenses on their hands as the cost of retrofitting older homes and installing insulation is largely underestimated.”

The average pre-1900 homeowner would only be willing to spend £5,480 to implement enough eco-changes to make a difference.

Clay added: “It is important that homeowners have a clear understanding of their home’s energy efficiency rating now and start deciding how they can implement eco-changes over time that work within their budget.”

The mortgage lender’s indicated that a decent chunk of homeowners are ready to upgrade their properties.

Nearly a third (30%) are willing to decrease their electric and energy usage, 28% would consider implementing loft insulation and 27% would investigate draught proofing windows and doors to better insulate homes,

Meanwhile a quarter (25%) would consider secondary or double-glazing windows and panels, while a similar proportion (23%) would install solar panels.

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