Bournemouth and Bristol the university cities seeing most tenant demand

Bournemouth is the most in-demand university city for students across the UK, where 84% of private student accommodation has been snapped up.

The city is home to Bournemouth University and Arts University Bournemouth.

Bristol is second (67%) place, followed by Glasgow (64%) and Cardiff (61%), according to findings from build-to-rent furnishing company Manor Interiors.

Some students previously deferred from going to university due to the pandemic, given that they’d lose out on much of the social element and have to attend seminars and lectures remotely.

Farhan Malik, chief executive of Manor Interiors, said: “While the majority of students will have already secured their accommodation ahead of the new academic year, high demand has seen many struggle to do so within the PBS sector and many more have arrived to find a less than adequate offering.

“As a result, demand for private student housing remains extremely high across a number of major UK university towns and luckily there is a strong level of stock to accommodate this demand.

“However, the focus must remain on ensuring we have enough suitable accommodation, particularly for those heading away from home for the first time who are reliant on the PBS sector.

“A lot can be learnt from the build to rent sector in this respect. A sector that has seen dramatic growth in recent years due to a tenant first approach focussed on modern living and the amenities and lifestyle requirements that appeal to today’s tenants.”

The least in-demand area for student accommodation is Swansea, where just 4% of listed student rental stock has already been let.

What is more, a low proportion have been rented in the cities of Birmingham (8%), Leeds (10%) and Liverpool (11%).

Table shows current rental demand for private student rentals in each city and across the UK and demand for PBS student rentals across the UK
Location Rental Demand
Bournemouth 84%
Bristol 67%
Glasgow 64%
Cardiff 61%
Cambridge 57%
Edinburgh 49%
London 40%
Portsmouth 33%
Southampton 27%
Nottingham 25%
Plymouth 23%
Belfast 22%
Manchester 21%
Sheffield 20%
Sunderland 19%
Oxford 18%
Aberdeen 18%
Newcastle 17%
Bradford 14%
Leicester 14%
Liverpool 11%
Leeds 10%
Birmingham 8%
Swansea 4%
UK Private Student Rentals 23%
UK Purpose Built Sector 16%
Data sourced from Rightmove (10/09/2021)

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