Brighton and York the best cities for health and wellbeing

Brighton has been rated the best city for wellness in the UK – meaning mental and physical health.

The seaside resort is known for its creative scene, while it has a high proportion of gyms, spas, vegan-friendly restaurants and yoga classes.

The analysis comes from floral delivery company Flowercard, which used factors like smoking prevalence, air quality and the availability of gyms in its research.

Coming in second is the historic city of York in North Yorkshire.

The city is known for its beauty, while it has low levels of air pollution, low rates of smoking and a high average life expectancy of 81.73 years.

York is also home to a wide range of restaurants, a large proportion of which cater to a vegan lifestyle.

Another south coast city, Bournemouth takes third place.

Bournemouth performs well across the board, with a wide range of activities available that promote health and wellbeing, while also having a very high life expectancy of 81.86 years.

On life expectancy London is in first place, at 82.62.

London has a low rate of smoking, as well as numerous high quality hospitals.

In second place is Oxford (82.34), followed by its university rival Cambridge (82.28).

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