Buy-to-let platform GetGround launches in Scotland

GetGround has expanded into Scotland, meaning investors north of the border can use the buy-to-let creation and management platform.

The platform operates by helping landlords setup separate companies for every property they invest in, as well as a current account.

Using limited companies enables buy-to-let landlords to save on their tax bills, because the government has eliminated mortgage interest tax relief for those operating as individuals.

Moubin Faizullah Khan, chief executive at GetGround, said: “GetGround exists to solve the complexity of UK property investing and make it more accessible to a greater number of investors. Country borders won’t hold us back in this quest.

“We’re delighted to now be able to offer a better buy-to-let experience to both new and existing investors, extending the transparency, speed of service and value for money we’re becoming known for in England and Wales to Scotland’s thriving buy-to-let market.”

Scotland has 15% of UK buy-to-let properties, with a particularly buoyant rental market in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and the surrounding areas.

Average rental yields in Scotland stand at 5.8%, compared to the 4.3% average across the whole of the UK.

Getground pledged to guide investors through the specific regulatory requirements in the Scottish market.

Limited company buy-to-let management platform gathering pace

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