Green homes now a higher priority for buyers

Some 70% of people want their properties to be more eco-friendly, highlighting how this issue has become more prominent this year.

Surprisingly over a third (35%) said they would pay up to 10% more for a property with eco-friendly features.

25 to 34-year-olds give eco-friendly homes a higher importance, highlighting how priorities are shifting with the new generations.

Homeowners are most attracted by features like wall insulation, renewable energy, as well as double and triple glazing.

They are motivated by a combination of reducing their carbon footprint and their energy bills, as well increasing their value of their properties for when they sell them on.

The research comes from property service group Leaders Roman Group.

Michael Cook, its national lettings managing director, said: “Landlords should take heed of these findings, particularly with new government legislation, such as EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) changes in the pipeline for 2025.

“As this research shows, they’ll be rewarded for doing so, given the tenant demand for eco-friendly features.”

UK homes account for around 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions, while the UN COP26 Climate Change Conference held in Glasgow this month has given green energy issues a higher profile as of late.

New builds are now expected to be energy efficient by 80% of buyers.

Tim Foreman, Leaders Roman Group’s managing director of land and new homes, said: “Significant change is difficult for any industry, let alone one as complex as property, but there’s a huge benefit to everyone in the sector playing their part in the fight against climate change – both ethically and financially.

“Homebuilders are well positioned to make a huge impact with this, and so must lead the way when it comes laying sustainable foundations.”

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