Council using cameras to catch landlords fly-tipping

Darlington Council has started using surveillance equipment to catch and prosecute landlords who illegally dump rubbish.

This follows some incidents in the Darlington area where previous tenants’ furniture and other items were dumped in the lane at the back of properties or dumped elsewhere.

Jonathan Dulston, deputy leader of Darlington Borough Council, said: “While we appreciate most landlords do the right thing, there is a small minority who are behaving completely irresponsibly, and this is not acceptable.

“Our street scene staff are working hard to keep the borough’s back lanes and streets clear of litter and rubbish, and our civic enforcement officers are carrying out investigations to track down those responsible.

“We’re also making use of new covert and overt techniques, including cameras and are warning landlords that we take a very dim view of such activity and will take action.

“When they are caught they will face very high, unlimited fines or even a term of imprisonment, and at the very least a £400 fixed penalty notice!”

Most Items, like furniture, cookers and electrical equipment, can be taken to the tip for free, though the council warned that slots must be booked before going.

Charity shops are another avenue for taking unwanted goods.

Dulston added: “If you, as a landlord or resident, need to get rid of furniture or other items we would urge you to take them to the tip, book one of our bulky waste collections or perhaps donate it to charity.

“However, if you do decide to use a private waste contractor make sure they are genuine and are licensed by the Environment Agency.”

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