Detached homes at near-peak popularity

Detached properties are at their most popular level for 19 years, as people search for space due to the claustrophobic impact of the pandemic, NHBC research shows.

In the third quarter of 2021 36% of new homes registered to be built were detached, vs. 28% in Q3 2020, and are now at their most popular since Q2 2002.

There’s been a shift away from apartments, making up just 13% of new home registrations in Q3 2021, falling from 29% in the same period last year.

Steve Wood, chief executive of the NHBC, said: “With new home registrations up by a healthy 14%, the market remains buoyant. There is confidence in new homes despite the significant supply-chain disruption presently being experienced.

“Housebuilders are responding swiftly to shifts in consumer demand for detached houses that offer more space. The move away from apartment blocks is affecting London but this is only one quarter’s data.”

The third quarter was a particularly busy one, as 10 in 12 regions saw a rise in new home registrations.

The highest rises were in the East Midlands (103%), North East (86%) and Yorkshire & Humberside (63%), with the only fallers being London (-78%) and South West (-1%).

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