Expert: Evictions to double this year

Housing possession claims will double this year driven by social housing providers, according to Paul Shamplina, founder of Landlord Action.

In the first three quarters of 2021 there were 23,000 possession cases, as notices finally returned to normal levels in October – two months for Section 21 and two weeks for Section 8.

Shamplina, writing in Property118, said: “I think the reality is that in 2022, the 2020/21 possession figures will at least double, with social housing providers starting to issue claims again, after two years, holding off evicting tenants.

“Some 70% of possession claims issued come from the social housing sector. Social rents will increase next year. Tenants’ household bills will increase, especially energy costs, along with increased taxes and an increase in inflation. Private rents meanwhile are also still increasing.

“The reality is possession claims and evictions will increase sufficiently.”

Evictions were suspended from April to October 2020, though extended notice periods and the stay on evictions ended up lasting until 31 May 2021.

Shamplina said he saw a huge increase in landlords wanting to serve notice on their tenants from the summer of 2020. The stamp duty holiday was introduced in July 2020 and some investors looked to sell up in what was a red-hot market.

Most of those landlords held between one to four properties, indicating that the large-scale landlords tended to stay put during this period.

Shamplina also commented on the upcoming release of the White Paper relating to the Renters reform Bill.

He added that there needs to be a lot of work on the Section 8 grounds of reform from the current 17 grounds, along with bailiff reform and mediation.

However he was pleased with the announcement that from Lord Chancellor Dominic Raab that over £300m will be invested in the court system.

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