Government looks to ensure landlords pass on Energy Bills Support to tenants

The government has launched a consultation to look into whether the planned Energy Bills Support Scheme will treat tenants fairly.

The scheme starts in October and will make it so energy suppliers provide a £200 reduction to domestic energy customers, which will then be recovered through electricity bills over five years from 2023.

Landlords have been told they need to pass on the reduction to tenants where it’s an all-inclusive rental.

Where tenants share a meter point the reduction and subsequent levy should be shared between them.

The consultation, which closes on May 23, will look at whether the government should explore issues related to tenancy agreements, for example if a tenant has moved into a property after the rebate has been issued.

The authorities will also look into where tenants split and pay utility bills separately but occupy the same property.

They will also explore what happens when a tenant moves out during the five year rebate period.

The government has introduced the Energy Bills Support Scheme in response to rising costs, as the energy price cap was increased by 54% in April.

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