Government to consult on Airbnb registration scheme this year

The government is consulting on creating a registration scheme in England so the government has proper data on the issues that second homes can cause.

Housing minister Christopher Pincher made the renewed commitment during a parliamentary debate with former Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron, who demanded more help for locals priced out of the housing market.

Pincher said: “We recognise that a large number of second homes and holiday lets can have adverse effects in some areas, so I will look closely at his proposals and at the points raised by other colleagues.

“We also do not have the information needed to understand how, and for how long, a property is being used.

“I can confirm that we propose to consult on the introduction of a tourist accommodation registration scheme in England so that we can build an understanding of the evidence and the issues that second homes present, particularly when driven by the rise of online platforms such as Airbnb.

Tim Farron

“We will launch that consultation later this year and will begin the process of a call for evidence in the coming weeks.

“We want to look at not just the issue of short-term holiday letting, but the effect that it has on supply. We will also look at compliance, health and safety regulations and the effect of antisocial behaviour and so on.”

A consultation on a Tourist Accommodation Registration Scheme was first promised in June last year.

Farron’s constituency of the Lake District, Westmorland and Lonsdale, has a number of holiday homes, so the issue of Airbnbs potentially taking supply away from locals is a big issue for the MP.

Farron said an inquiry was likely to “take years, because they always do”, adding that “a bad situation has become entirely disastrous” in his constituency.

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  1. Tim Farron is not the Liberal Democrat leader. He used to be until about 5 years ago. The question: “Who is the leader of the Liberal Democrats?*” is one to which 90+% of the British public do not know the answer and is always a good pub quiz question!

    *Sir Ed Davey, if anyone is interested.

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