Growing numbers of tenants seek pet friendly properties

Tenants are increasingly seeking pet-friendly homes, according to estate agency chain Chestertons.

Some 25-35% of tenants currently looking for rental properties in London are pet owners, as 3.2 million UK households have bought a dog since the start of the pandemic in 2020.

Meanwhile Rightmove statistics, released in August 2021, confirmed that demand for pet-friendly rental homes had jumped by a staggering 120% over the course of one year.

Richard Davies, head of lettings at Chestertons, said: “The rental market is extremely competitive but pet-owners face the additional challenge of finding a property in which pets are allowed.

“To win over landlords, many tenants are creating pet CVs featuring references from previous landlords giving assurance that their pet is well-behaved, but even then, many are still finding it hard to move with their pet.

“As supporters of the Dogs Trust’s ‘Lets with Pets’ scheme, we do everything we can to try and help tenants with pets find a suitable property and also encourage more landlords to allow pets in their properties.”

Chestertons currently has around 100 rental properties on its website that allow pets.

The agency has created a ‘Guide to Renting with Pets’, which features a number of tips for tenants and landlords. Below is an extract:

Three reasons why landlords should consider tenants with pets:

1. Increased demand

By allowing pets into their property, landlords will open it up to a wider market, which will increase demand and reduce the amount of time the property is left empty between tenancies.

2. Responsible tenants

Landlords often find that pet owners take better care of their property than the average tenant.

3. Tenants stay for longer

Tenants with pets know how difficult it is to find suitable rented accommodation and generally try to avoid distressing their pets by moving home too often. They will therefore often stay in a property for longer than the average tenants.

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  1. We all may love pets, however we just want to insure the possible damage that may come with the pet, just as if we buy a more expensive sports car, we allowed to get charged higher insurance.

    My repeated notes on this:

    Gees, how simple was it when we could just charge higher deposit for Pet owners and those that did no damage got all money back. So so simple.
    No better insurance than the tenants own money.
    Now look what Shelter and Generation rent and the Govt have done. Made it MUCH MUCH worse for tenants yet again.
    My text below I’ve done before.

    Landlords: pets are okay if you pay for extra insurance to cover any damage.
    Gov: in that case we will make it illegal to charge extra insurance.
    LLs: well then we will have to slightly increase deposits for those with pets.
    Gov: in that case we will cap deposits at 5 weeks rent.
    LLs: okay well we can’t really allow pets anymore then.
    Gov: in that case we will force you to take tenants with pets.
    LLs: well then we have no choice but to increase rent across the board even for tenants without pets.
    Gov: oh.
    Tenants: why is rent so high??

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