Inexperienced Glasgow landlord warned over cockroach infestation

A landlord in Glasgow has been handed a warning by the council after an inspection discovered problems with cockroaches, as well as exposed wiring.

Abaigeal Bennett was threatened by the city’s licensing committee over the future management of her flat.

However she employed a property management company which resolved the issues, which explains why she’s gotten off with a warning.

It’s now been agreed for the landlord’s HMO licence to be handed a restricted period of one year rather than the three requested.

The licence has also been changed to allow five tenants and an extra bedroom instead of the current four inhabitants.

When the inspection took place the problems were extensive.

The kitchen needed areas to be sealed or finished, which would “assist in tackling the ongoing cockroach infestation mentioned by the tenants”.

Meanwhile the oven door on the “unstable” gas cooker was found to be “defective” and the extraction hood was “loose” with wiring “exposed”. A kitchen cupboard was also loose.

The carbon monoxide detector needed to be wall mounted, while the report called for copies of tenancy agreements, the gas safety certificate, portable appliance testing and an emergency contact sheet.

Carolanne Waters, representing Ms Bennett, said the landlord was “maybe a bit naive in managing the property”.

She previously lived in the flat while at university and was renting it out as her first HMO.

Waters, who is now managing the property, added: “HMOs are a different beast when it comes to managing, there’s so many conditions, so many certificates that are required. It needs to be a professional body that is doing it.”

Councillor Jim Kavanagh said the applicant’s inexperience shouldn’t be used as an excuse, saying “the landlord is still picking up their money at the end of the month”.

Council staff inspected the flat in September 2021 and all issues have now been resolved after a property management company was employed.

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