Most councils fail to blacklist rogue landlords

The government’s rogue landlord list has blacklisted just 56 property agents and landlords since 2018, suggesting that regulations keeping bad behaviour in check are failing to have the desired effect.

While it’s mandatory for housing authorities to report when a landlord or agent has received a banning order, few have gone further and actually prevented the landlords from letting out more properties.

Camden is one of few active councils

Doing so is down to a council’s discretion, but it’s thought that many are so financially stretched that they aren’t willing to go through the rigmarole of actually adding a bad landlord to the list.

Figures from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC), uncovered with Freedom of Information Requests by Metro newspaper, show that only 99 offences – an average of just 25 a year – have been recorded and just 23 local authorities out of 333 have submitted entries to register rogue landlords and property agents.

The most active local authority is the London Borough of Camden with five, Liverpool City Council with four, Salford City Council with three and Telford & Wrekin in Shropshire, also with three.

The rules from the DLUHC came into force on April 6 2018.

Rogue landlord banned for heating and fire safety violations

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  1. Ever thought that this is because the problem isn’t as widespread as is being reported only 56 property agents and landlords since 2018 blacklisted so the majority must be doing something right. Landlord bashing again !

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