Landlord fined for failing to licence homes

A landlord has been fined for failing to licence four properties he let out in Burnley.

Michael James Perring was taken to court by Burnley Borough Council and fined a total of £1,760 for the offences, on top of £1,000 in legal costs.


The four homes were in neighbourhoods designated or previously designated as selective licencing areas by Burnley Borough Council – Athol Street North, Bruce Street, Piccadilly Road, and Reed Street.
Perring pleaded guilty to four counts of being a person managing a house, which was required to be licenced under Part 3 of the Housing Act 2004, but was not licenced.

Councillor John Harbour, the council’s executive member for housing, said: “We’re always willing to work with landlords to help provide high quality homes for our residents but we’re also prepared to take strong action against those that don’t follow the rules.”

Selective licencing has been brought into the areas with the remit of improving the management standards of homes.

There have been a dozen landlords in the area who have fallen foul of not having a licence in the past two years alone, resulting in fines and costs totalling more than £70,000. Four civil penalties for breaking licence conditions also resulted in fines and costs of £15,000.

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