Landlords could be fined if they fail to improve EPC ratings

Darlington Council is considering fining landlords up to £5,000 if they fail to improve the Energy Performance Certificate rating of their properties.

Next week the council is meeting to decide whether to impose civic penalties against private landlords with inefficient properties and that have a track record of ignoring housing regulations.

Over 250 landlords in Darlington who own properties with an EPC rating of F and G could be fined unless they improve the green standards of their homes.

As reported by Darlington Live, Jonathan Dulston, Darlington’s deputy council leader and cabinet member for stronger communities, said: “We know that the vast majority of private landlords stick to the rules and provide good accommodation, but we are determined to crack down on rogue landlords who do not care about their tenants or the standard of their properties.

“These new powers will improve the energy efficiency standards of private rented homes which will in turn improve residents’ health, ensuring people do not live in homes that are cold and damp. It will also help reduce fuel bills and alleviate fuel poverty and will contribute to the council’s housing and climate change strategies.

“The message is clear – private landlords need to do the right thing and make sure their properties meet the minimum standards at the very least.”

If the new powers are put into use the landlords in question will be notified that they are committing an offence.

They will be advised on energy efficiency grants and given 14 days to put plans in place to improve their properties.

However landlords that previous flaunted housing regulations could face a fine of up to £5,000 without warning.

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  1. Why should rented properties have to have a specific EPC rating when there is no requirement for private houses to do the same? Maybe that will be the next step. Not a fine maybe but just make it illegal to sell a house that doesn’t meet a certain EPC rating. There would be outcry if that happened. However, as now it’s just greedy landlords on the receiving end the silence is deafening. What more incentives will the government dream up to encourage landlords to sell up? Less houses to let means higher rents and more homeless for local authorities to house.

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