Landlords pledge to stand with their tenants with EPC upgrades

Seven in 10 (69%) landlords are feeling a responsibility to help their tenants mitigate the impact of the cost of living crisis on their lives, GetGround research has found.

Half (50%) of the UK’s property investors plan to upgrade the EPC rating of their properties, which they see as a way of mitigating the rising cost of energy in the country.

Moubin Faizullah Khan, chief executive of GetGround, said: “Newer builds and other properties where higher performing energy efficiency standards have already been achieved are, understandably, always going to be attractive to landlords.

“Yet, observing landlords knowingly commit to investing in underperforming property when mandatory rules about EPC ratings are just around the corner indicates that many landlords continue to pick property that they know they can add value to.

“This isn’t just good economics for them, but goes a long way to helping to continually improve the quality of much-needed rental stock across the whole of the UK.”

Inflation – which reached 5.5% in February – isn’t changing the approach many landlords will take to expanding their property portfolios.

Less than a third of landlords (28%) said they are now more likely to invest in new builds as a result of living with higher inflation, and a similarly modest proportion (31%) indicate an intention to invest only in properties with EPC ratings of grade C or higher in future.


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