Liverpool’s ‘The Keel’ undergoing £300k refurbishment

Liverpool’s The Keel, the former HMRC office located on a private quay at Queen’s Dock, is undergoing a £300,000 renovation of communal areas by designer Jasper Sanders.

There will be new co-working areas, as it’s envisaged that the area will be ideal for people to work outside their apartments and host meetings.

The build-to-rent property has 240 studio, one, two, and three-bedroom apartments, while it sits on Liverpool’s waterfront a few minutes’ walk from the Albert Dock and the city centre.

Despite being redeveloped the building is only six years old.

This is just one of multiple investments happening in Liverpool, which is attracting numerous developments which could enliven property values in the region.

In May ‘The Spine’ opened in the city’s Paddington Village for £35m, which is a landmark designed to become a hub of medical and scientific research.

The Festival Gardens Site is also home to remedial works, which could see 1,500 homes built.

Meanwhile hundreds of new homes are planned at Brunswick Dock from Maro Development.

Jasper Sanders, interior designer, said: “More than anything I wanted the new space to be a welcoming and comfortable place to live and work. The warm tones will make the space feel, friendly and inviting, much like the reception I always get from Liverpudlians, this was most important to me as I wanted residents to instantly feel comfortable in their new space.

“On its own private dock overlooking the River Mersey I wanted the interior of the building to reflect what was outside of its walls to hook that connection throughout the unique building, making the newly designed areas feel like a retreat for The Keel’s residents.

“Liverpool also has a distinctive and signature style. Liverpool’s residents are incredibly expressive, and I wanted to celebrate this when coming up with a concept design for The Keel’s lobby and communal areas.

“I really wanted to showcase Liverpool’s love of glamour and of course the infamous Scouse style, and so adding accents of rose gold and incorporating tinted glass to make people appear sun-kissed was a playful way of honouring this.”

The new lobby design will also feature blue tones throughout as a homage to The Keel’s waterfront location.

A small bin store will be repurposed into a co-working area.

Jasper also designed a ‘Zoom room’ with tinted glass in the area, which gives anyone sitting in the room a sun-kissed soft glow – which the designer said was an affectionate nod to many Liverpudlians’ love of a year-round bronzed, summer skin.

Joseph Cooper, general manager at The Keel said: “We are really looking forward to our newly imagined lobby and communal space. We could instantly see our residents reflected in the designs presented by Jasper, he’s done a great job of making the new areas a welcoming place for people to great guests and work.’

“Neatly timed, the new-look space will be ready shortly after the final Covid restrictions are now lifted and act as a great invitation for our residents to enjoy the space and getting to know each other properly at long last.”

“The ‘fake-tan zoom room’ is a fun idea and we imagine this will be an instant hit and prove very popular amongst The Keel’s home workers.”

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