London and East Midlands the top regions for new build activity

London and the East Midlands were the biggest new build markets last year, giving an insight into where most of the new supply is being delivered.

Some 1,469 homes were sold across the capital in 2021, amounting to 2.8% of all homes sold.

After that comes the East Midlands (2.3%), South East (1.9%), South West (1.8%) and North West (1.7%).

The research comes from Warwick Estates.

New build homes accounted for 6.5% of purchases during the pandemic, previous research from Unlatch has found.

While Scotland isn’t included in this latest study, it seems the country is also performing well in terms of new developments, as 9.9% of total home sales were new builds north of the border.

Last year London saw £935m worth of new-build property sold in 2021, 2.6% of the total market value across the capital.

The East of England seems to be lacking in terms of activity. While £327.1m worth of new homes have been sold in 2021, this equates to just 1.5% of total market value.

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