Michael Gove to put planning reforms on hold

Housing minister Michael Gove will likely put the planning changes from his predecessor Robert Jenrick on hold until undertaking his own review, The Guardian reports.

The shakeup, as detailed in the ‘Planning for the Future’ white paper last year, would ask councils to create multi-year plans, dividing land in England into ‘growth’ and ‘protected’ sites.

In ‘growth’ sites developers would receive outline planning permission if they fit with the local specifications.

While it’s thought the plans could boost housebuilding, there’s been concerns that the changes could disempower local communities in favour of developers, as well as threaten the green belt.

Critics of the planning changes are said to include Theresa May, Jeremy Hunt and Damian Green.

Gove will consult with backbenchers and industry stakeholders before deciding how to proceed.

He was appointed housing secretary on September 15th, replacing Robert Jenrick, who held the post for just over two years.

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