MP warns landlords to keep properties aired to contain spread of covid-19

Landlords have been told to properly ventilate their properties to mitigate the spread of coronavirus by Christopher Pincher, the minister of State for Housing.

In a letter aimed at property investors, they were told that poorly ventilated rooms can enable the virus to build up.

Having a good flow of air can also reduce condensation, dampness, mould and fungal growth and dust mites.

Landlords were told to ensure all habitable rooms have functioning openable windows.

It’s also key that bathrooms and kitchens have either functioning windows of extractors – preferably both.

Meanwhile landlords could install positive pressure or constant run systems to ensure there is adequate background ventilation.

Tenants should be provided with instructions on using the ventilation and heating systems.

Finally issues with damp should be investigated properly and quickly.

Pincher said: “If you have responsibility as a landlord, whether in the social rented sector or private rental sector, we ask that you help us in our efforts to encourage behaviours to help combat the virus and cascade the message of the importance of good ventilation to your residents.”

But he added: “We are aware that some residents will be reticent to ventilate their homes in the winter temperatures, especially in the current climate of rising fuel costs.”

Councillor Trish Hardy, cabinet member for communities and housing at Sefton, Merseyside, said: “With COVID levels growing nationally at a worrying rate, it is important that landlords across the Borough follow advice to help minimise the spread and keep their tenants safe.”

The letter sets out the government’s so-called Autumn and Winter Plan 2021.

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  1. Do you have to be a fool to be in Central or Local Government. Are these people really expecting landlords to go to their rental properties and open the windows and force their tenants to ventilate their homes. Whilst they cut benefits to poor tenants so they cannot afford to heat their homes. Oh yes, we are to wet nurse the rest of the world whilst our politicans party. Em must remember to take the toilet roll on my next visit and hand sanitiser as well. Such breath taking comments from a minister and Councillor!! These comments demonstrate the anti landlord attitudes and bias embeded in the minds of politicans.

  2. “Meanwhile landlords could install positive pressure or constant run systems to ensure there is adequate background ventilation”. So could everyone in the country! Why is Mr Pincher not encouraging everyone to throw money at their property especially if they don’t live in it and will not really benefit from the expenditure.

    “Tenants should be provided with instructions on using the ventilation and heating systems.” Really? What instructions? “Turn the heating on when it is cold and ventilate your rooms”. “And don’t forget to wash your hands after using the lavatory and blow your nose instead of sniffing.” Why is it supposed to be our job? I agree with Will 2. It is not for landlords to nanny our tenants.

    As for Trish Hardy, why is it not the tenants’ responsibility to follow advice to help minimise the spread of COVID and keep themselves safe? Answers on a postcard please.

  3. … why not come up with a simple legal requirement for property MOT (which should include gas safety, electric safety, covid safety etc etc) all landlords have to abide by.

    .. put it in a public website, all parties can benefit – prospective tenants, current tenants, authorities, businesses, prospective buyers etc.

    I believe a vehicle is far more complicated machinery than a house. If this can be done for vehicles, which go around up to @70 mph, it should be achievable for static houses.

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