New key points for selling homes in late 2022

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Our homes are our safe haven, and in recent years, they’ve become our sanctuaries for pretty much everything. From somewhere to work, somewhere to socialise, and even somewhere to get married, our homes are arguably now more equipped than ever. As the industry continues to change in response to the climate, we look at what the late 2022 buyer is looking for.


Orangeries are in. Yet, conservatories are out.

Throughout 2022, we’ve seen a rise in the popularity of orangeries, which could be to do with us being accustomed to us spending more time at home, and as a result, relishing that open, “sun-trap” feel. Even heading into the upcoming colder months, an orangery is a great place to host dinner parties, or relax without braving the autumnal chill. Not to mention, the extra glazing is welcomed in today’s current energy climate.

Exterior lighting

Modernity is favoured in 2022 in interiors and exteriors, which is reflective in the trend of favouring exterior lighting. Something that home buyers are on the look-out for this autumn is exterior lighting; not only is it practical, but it’s also a thief deterrent, since it would make it a lot harder for anyone to break in unnoticed.

Open plan

Again, edging more into the modern feel of home interior, a lot of home buyers are preferring the idea of an open plan ground floor, with over 60% of people in the UK have said they much prefer open plan living. This spacious, airy feel is something we’ve seen throughout the trend of orangeries too, indicating that light, open spaces are the movement for this autumn and winter.


Studies have shown that around 27 million people in the UK enjoy gardening, so it’s no surprise that greenhouses are a sought-after feature when looking to purchase a home. From garden parties, weekend relaxing, and soaking up the sun, most people in Britain value garden space, and a greenhouse helps to harness the hobby all year round, even through the unpredictable weather that the UK is home to.

Home offices

It’s no surprise that home offices are a dominant trend within home buyers’ preferences in 2022. The last two years have seen many of us revert solely to at-home working, and then welcome the idea of hybrid working as the pandemic regulations eased. Studies have now shown that three quarters of Brits think they have more of a work life balance when hybrid working , which makes a home office imperative in a lot of home buyers’ lives in 2022.

Although trends come and go, we predict that in particular, open plan living and home offices will be stand out trends that continue to reign in importance throughout the housing market, with 15% of people we asked through a sample survey choosing open plan as the top choice from all five trends.


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