NRLA urges government to enable landlords to house Ukrainian refugees

The National Residential Landlords Association has urged the UK government to provide details on how landlords can do their bit to house Ukrainian refugees.

The UK government has pledged to provide “temporary visa concessions” to Ukrainians with family in Britain, applying to spouses, the parents of a child under 18, and close relatives requiring care.

Ben Beadle, chief executive of the National Residential Landlords Association, said: “The scenes unfolding in Ukraine have been shocking. It is right that the UK provides all the support needed to those fleeing the conflict.

“We urge all private landlords to consider what accommodation they might have available to house those who want to come here. To assist with this, it is vital that the government swiftly provides details as to how landlords can easily register properties that might be suitable for those who need homes.”

The government’s visa programme has been branded “shameful” because it excludes brothers and sisters, the parents of people over 18, and children who have reached the age of 18.

The UK’s offer doesn’t go as far as the European Union’s policy that those fleeing the Russian invasion will not have to apply for asylum before entering its 27 EU member states for up to three years.

On Monday Home Secretary Priti Patel said 100,000 Ukrainian refugees will be able to seek sanctuary in the UK.

However after 12 months they will have to apply for points based or family reunion visa to stay longer.

The Home Secretary said the UK has lowered various requirements and salary thresholds for Ukrainians with family in the UK.

Patel said: “Through this extension alone I can confirm that an additional 100,000 Ukrainians will be able to seek sanctuary in the UK, with access to work and public services.

“We are enabling Ukrainian nationals already in the UK, giving them the ability to switch free of charge into a points-based immigration route or through the family visa route.

“We are extending visas for Ukrainian temporary workers in some sectors and they can now stay until at least December 2022.”

Priti Patel

She added: “Over the weekend I have seen members of this House calling for full visa waivers for all Ukrainians.

“Security and biometric checks are a fundamental part of our visa approval process worldwide and will continue, as they did for the evacuation of people from Afghanistan.

“That is vital to keep British citizens safe and to ensure that we are helping those in genuine need, particularly as Russian troops are now infiltrating Ukraine and merging into Ukrainian forces.

“Intelligence reports also state the presence of extremist groups and organisations who threaten the region but also our domestic homeland.

“We know all too well what Putin’s Russia is willing to do, even on our soil, as we saw through the Salisbury attack.”

The shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper hit back, saying it was “extremely unclear” what the details of the refugee scheme are and who they will apply to.

Meanwhile 38 One Nation Conservatives Group urged Prime Minister Boris Johnson “to act now and act decisively” to help Ukrainians in need.

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  1. Nice of the NRLA to do the urging on our behalf. Ukranians as well now? While only a couple of weeks ago we were being asked to house Afghans on the cheap at close to LHA rates. Just where do they think the PRS is going to magic up cheap homes for everybody? The availability of property in the PRS is already shrinking and rents rising as government rules designed to protect tenants predictably back-fire hurting those they were designed to protect.
    I am sorry for refugees but he Government have demonised us for too long, while relying on us to bail them out as they fail to build affordable housing. Instead they let their developer mates build mock Tudor boxes that sell for a fortune or just allow them not to build on sites they have planning permission for, so they can drip feed the market to keep prices high. I think the Chickens are coming home to roost now!

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