One in 53 Londoners homeless thanks to “failed housing system”

In London one in every 53 people are homeless – while this rate is even higher in some areas of the city, Shelter research shows.

Some 19 of the worst 20 affected local authorities are in the capital, with Newham having one in 22 people, and Kensington & Chelsea having one in 29.

Shelter pointed out that homelessness tends to be worse in places where housing is unaffordable for people on average or below-average incomes.

Large cities like Manchester (one in 81) and Birmingham (one in 96) are also among the highest in England.

However Luton in Bedfordshire has a higher rate of homelessness than Manchester, at 1 in every 66 people.

In England overall one in every 206 people is recorded as homeless.

Just as concerning, more than four in 10 (46%) people recorded as homeless are children and young people who are homeless with their families, most of whom are in temporary accommodation provided by local councils.

Almost a quarter of a million homeless people (249,850) are living in temporary accommodation provided by local councils.

Other elements which make up recorded homelessness include people who are living in homeless hostels (14,729), those who sleep on the streets (2,688) and families who are homeless and accommodated by social services (3,309). Some are also classed as ‘homeless at home’ (3,829), because the current home is so unsuitable (e.g. severely overcrowded).

Going forward, Shelter said it was worried that thousands more people could become homeless in the coming months.

It added that this is “a symptom of a failed housing system”.

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  1. Landlord bashing Shelter have been driving landlords out of the market and probably adding to the problem. Make it sufficiently unattactive by introducing terms like “rogue landlords” generalising the rental market as a bad thing and this is the result. Housing costs are based on demand and supply and driving away the supply is not the best way of keeping rents affordable. Add to this the never ending dodgy Government buying renters votes with never ending legislation adds to the problems. Misleading everyone to achieve abolition of S21will have a major impact. Just be careful what you wish for – you are seeing the results and direction of travel.

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