Quarter of Ukraine refugee sponsorships to end after 6 months

A quarter (25%) of Ukrainian refugee sponsors don’t plan to continue offering their support beyond the six months lifespan, data from the Office for National Statistics shows.

The scheme was launched in March and enables people to provide accommodation, as around 75,000 refugees have settled in the UK.

It has been challenging for some, as most sponsors provided support beyond the official agreement. Indeed, eight out of 10 said they had given the refugees food, two-thirds have helped them find work and 45% provided financial support.

Most hosts who don’t want to continue with the scheme say it’s for financial reasons, with the rising cost of living becoming a factor.

Indeed, sponsors currently receive £350 a month as part of the scheme but four in 10 admitted they would host for longer if they received more financial help.

Aside from the 25% who want to continue for the scheme for six months, 38% are willing to go up to a year, 23% more than a year, while 15% are not sure.

It remains to be seen how the refugees will be rehoused, though 18% of those who have signed up for the scheme are still waiting for refugees to move in.

The Homes for Ukraine scheme sits alongside the Ukraine Family Scheme, which was set up to help refugees join relatives already living in the UK.

There have been some disastrous cases, as government figures show 145 placements have ended with Ukrainian refugees finding themselves homeless.

Of these cases the relationship broke down in 90 occasions, while in 55 cases the accommodation was deemed unsuitable before the refugees moved in.

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