Sadiq Khan urges for ‘rent relocation payments’

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has urged the next Conservative Prime Minister widen the scope of landlord reforms by forcing them to pay for tenants’ moving costs.

He also said they should focus on extending notice periods and freeze rents for two years.

The Labour Mayor made speaking in a debate at the London Assembly after being asked about the Fairer Private Rented Sector White Paper.

He said: “Crucial elements are missing from the White Paper proposals if all renters, particularly those who are the most vulnerable and households with children, are to truly see the benefit of these reforms.

“These include extended notice periods, tenant relocation payments and freezing rent for the next two years, particularly during this cost-of-living crisis.

“It is really important whoever becomes the next Conservative Leader and therefore our Prime Minister commits to deliver on these as soon as possible.”

However Khan was positive about elements of the White Paper, including ending section 21 evictions, introducing open-ended tenancies, and reforming possession grounds.

He said these recommendations follow those he made in the London Model Tenancies Reform I published in 2019.

Khan also praised the inclusion of a property portal and landlord register, which he said he campaigned for.

Finally Khan called for more devolutionary powers, enabling Mayors to control rents in local markets.

Khan added: “Give those in charge of the Londons, the Manchesters, the Bristols, Oxford and Cambridgeshire, where there are all issues around the cost of living, particularly in relation to private rents, the power to do more in this area in relation to freezing rents, rent controls, the quality of housing and so forth.”

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  1. Oh BillytheFish please don’t put ideas into his head. This extremist left wing politician is driving up rents and reducing housing supply in the rental sector by playing out to those who wish to give away landlords money. These people are so used to spending other people’s money donated by taxation they think they can rape and pillage private individuals money as well. It is not enough to grab poorer peoples money by expandng the ULEZ to outer London he wants to discriminate against landlords as well. His politics appear to be more in Line with Russia or China. Still this is what Londoners have voted for!!!! and presumably want.. I think we all need help and should be actively not letting to any social tenants to counter his extremism. This will regrettfully harm some people in the same way Khan is harming some people, namely landlords. Perhaps it might even drive some to serve S21 notices before all his mad regulations make it into law? Whatever he is seriously harming any confidence that might have remained to invest in rental housing.

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