Sex-for-rent – 59,000 women targeted in year and a half

Some 59,000 women were offered homes in exchange for sexual favours between March 2020 and September 2021.

Shelter reports that men are still advertising sharing a bed or other ‘jobs’.

Polly Neate, chief executive of the housing charity Shelter, said: “It’s sickening there are landlords who think they get can get away with sexually exploiting female tenants in need of a home.

“Keeping a safe roof over their head is only getting harder for women on the lowest incomes.

“We’re worried even more tenants will be left vulnerable to this vile abuse of power.”

Websites potentially face fines of up to £50,000 for hosting such ads, while individuals can be punished by up to seven years in prison.

Three-quarters of the tenants involved said they were struggling to afford housing costs.

One woman, who felt forced to accept sex for rent, told the Mail on Sunday: “At the time I didn’t have nearly enough money for the deposit to rent even a studio flat.

“The arrangement is that we sleep together when the landlord comes to town. I’m only expected to have sex with him once and then I go back to my own room.”

Craigslist is one such website hosting ads, with one describing a property as ‘escort friendly’ and another saying rent was ‘negotiable depending on the services you’re offering’.

Another said: “Girl wanted to share apartment with male, must be broadminded and not shy in any way, no rent or bills in return for arrangement.”

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  1. More landlord vilification courtesy of shelter who house nobody. To the popularised view that Landlords are rich oppressors forcing tenants to live in overpriced shoddy accommodation, is now added the “fact” that quite a few of them are also sexual predators. What is the agenda behind all this Landlord bashing? Why are the knives out for the PRS? What is it all leading up to?

  2. Does anyone believe statistics put out by Shelter? The anti landlord bashers are casuing renters more harm than good as they are drivng landlords out of the sector. Who are these 59,000? How did they come up with this figure?

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