Shelter and Generation Rent lament rising eviction levels

Housing charity Shelter and campaign group Generation Rent have spoken out about the rising number of evictions taking place across England.

Ministry of Justice figures show that 18,626 eviction claims in England were made to court by landlords between January and March 2022, up by 32% on the previous quarter.

Meanwhile 5,890 landlords issued a Section 21 eviction proceeding between January and March 2022, up 41% compared to the same period in 2020 before the pandemic, as well as rising by 63% from the previous quarter.

However Generation Rent claimed the true number of private renters facing eviction via Section 21 is much higher.

Because Section 21 notices cannot be appealed, the campaign group said tenants often move out before the landlords applies to court, and cases are therefore not always recorded.

Shelter rallied against the government for failing to scrap this “unfair form of eviction”, because landlords don’t need to give a reason for kicking tenants out.

However landlord groups have argued that landlords have little choice to use a Section 21 because it’s reportedly taking a year for Section 8 evictions to be carried out, where landlords do have to give a reason for kicking a tenant out.

The government restated its plan to scrap Section 21 evictions in the Queen’s Speech, as well as to establish an Ombudsman to resolve disputes between landlords and tenants.

Renters’ Reform Bill confirms end of Section 21

Polly Neate, chief executive of Shelter, said: “It’s alarming that as the living cost crisis rages more landlords are kicking tenants out of their homes. These are real people whose lives are being turned upside down and simply cannot afford to lose their homes right now.

“Every day our emergency helpline supports renters who are scrambling around trying to find another home after being slapped with a no-fault eviction. But soaring living costs mean many are struggling to stump up the cash for a house move they don’t want to make.

“While scrapping Section 21 evictions alone won’t solve the cost-of-living crisis for renters, it will at least give them some much needed security in their homes. The government promised renters three times that it will introduce a Renters’ Reform Bill to scrap unfair Section 21 no-fault evictions. Now, it must get the job done as every minute wasted puts another renter at risk.”

Alicia Kennedy, director of Generation Rent, said: “Private renters are facing a perfect storm. The withdrawal of the £20 Universal Credit uplift last autumn removed a lifeline that was allowing families to stay on top of rent. That means more people falling into arrears and facing homelessness.

“At the same time house prices and rents are surging, encouraging landlords to re-let or sell up, at the expense of their current tenants.

“With inflation raging, the situation is only going to get worse unless the government steps in to raise Local Housing Allowance, freeze rents and put an emergency pause on evictions.”

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  1. So a UK citizen car hire firm, plant rental, property Landlord can’t have his property back when he wants?
    And this is why Shelter & Generation rent, u will be getting many more evictions next few years. As Landlords are panicking, they can’t even have their house back when they want. They din’t sign up to this. They/We housed people, many of them homeless, me/myself am biggest Benefit Landlord in Nottingham & I’ve housed more Benefit homeless in Nottingham over 25 years than anyone. And guess what, I’m not doing it any more cause of your actions. I am refusing to take Benefit tenants any more, please take me to court, let’s get it out in the open.

    If u stop someone having their own property back, then the providers of that property will stop providing. I too disagree when it’s someone’s home for 20 years. But let’s not forget, the Landlord is human too. He gets older. When can he retire? If u made things easy, tenant could easily move to an affordable house up the road. But that Landlord is selling too & in’t taking risky tenants any more either.
    If u made it easy, I could sell to another Landlord with tenant in. He/She won’t buy either cause of your actions.

    Shelter & Generation Rent, u r making it so, that tenants have nowhere to live, having the opposite effect of what u & us Landlords want.

    Polly again with her words
    Upside down

    Decent words by Alicia Kennedy of Generation Rent, we agree on the imbecile system of UC.
    But another pause on evictions will mean next year even more evictions. When Corbyn called for that rent holiday, u r now seeing the results of that.

  2. Shelter is saying “It’s alarming that as the living cost crisis rages more landlords are kicking tenants out of their homes.” The main reason that most of these tenants are being “kicked out” is for rent arrears. The PRS is a business not a charity. If you don’t keep up the payments on your car it gets taken back, if you don’t pay your mortgage the house gets taken back. That’s the way things work.
    Shelter have millions if they are so concerned why don’t they lead by example and house some people or pay off some rent arrears?
    A minority of tenants are being “kicked out” because the Landlord wants to sell their property to escape all the landlord bashing coming down the line a lot of it instigated by Shelter and Generation Rent. Somebody mentioned to me that they thought it is being proposed that in future you won’t be able to evict a tenant if they don’t actually have the money to pay the rent. You will only be able to do so if you can prove the tenant does have the money but has wilfully decided that they don’t want to give it to you. Please somebody, tell me this isn’t true! If it is expect a mass exodus of landlords from the PRS. Those corporate build to let people had better get moving building rabbit hutches for the displaced masses. the Government is going to need them.

  3. In the words of a former Prime Minister ” I agree with Mick” well almost right it is nearly Nick!!!!! Is it me or does Shelter & Generation Rent seem to be like Vlad Putin? Firstly they attack their percieved enemy (PRS or Ukraine), bombard them with weapons, manipulate/control the media with propoganda, cause untold damage and destroy the infrastructure and blame the entity they attacked leaving a total disaster in their wake?
    Both MickRoberts and Northernlandlord are wholly correct in what they write but our politicians are too arrogant to understand the property market or have advisers, like Mr Putin, who are telling the politicians what they want to hear in fear they might lose their comfortable jobs? Who knows but time WILL TELL. So where are the PRS refugees moving their investmnents to?

  4. “Meanwhile 5,890 landlords issued a Section 21 eviction proceeding between January and March 2022, up 41% compared to the same period in 2020 before the pandemic, as well as rising by 63% from the previous quarter.” Given these protagonists pushed and succeeded in virtually no evictions being permitted between 2020 and 2021/2 these figures seem to be very low and in no way a surprise. Of course, you can make them sound bad by manipulation referring to periods where you had effectively prevented any evictions so the percentages sound massive (but this is what Shelter are renowned for in my view). So these people prevented evictions during the pandemic (which many landlords might have not had too much of a problem with) to now show it as some massive over-reaction and major problem which they caused. Then you use it to suggest a new stop should be put on evictions. Masters of Manipluation in my humble opinion.

  5. Basically I agree with all previous comments but would like to advise what we have decided to do with our two tenanted properties.
    Both our properties have been let for the last 5 years, generally with no problems.
    At end of 2021 both tenancies which had already been extended twice expired. despite being “expired” we still had to serve a section 21 to end the tenancies…(at more expense of course)
    we thought the end of lease term was end of term but its not…section 21 is needed..
    We evicted our tenants because our agents advised us that rents we charged should go up by approx 50% and they could be re-let immediately. Neither tenant was happy with the potential new rent (generally unaffordable to the local population in this part of Cornwall but there we are…its called market forces.)
    Before finalising our thoughts/decisions..
    We decided to look at the “maths” using our trusty excel spreadsheet.
    after taking into account letting management fees, Pat, Pet, legionella, EICR , inability to properly offset interest on mortgages, repairs, maintenance, landlord insurance, etc etc we arrived of course at a figure. Then we deducted the 40% tax we pay on whats left.
    Nett receivables over last year were approx 25%of gross rent. for each property this represented approx £250 pcm each.
    Value of the properties are way in excess of £350K each.
    Rental yield is now therefore a bit of a joke.

    at same time over the last 5 years the properties have appreciated in value by approx 50%…actually probably more…much more exciting return than letting and no stress.

    next we hear is that government are about to abolish section 21 so making it MUCH harder to get our PRIVATELY OWNED properties back. I
    is this a joke?
    is the government trying to convert private landlords to social landlords to “cover up” the atrocious mess the government have made of selling off social housing and not allowing councils to rebuild new ones with the proceeds?
    we have decided we are happy to accept the capital growth only.
    Maybe we will holiday let..not sure yet as the mood music from councils is also not over enthusiastic about tourism even here in Cornwall and with 22K on the Cornwall housing waiting list I guess thats understandable.

    We decided to serve the section 21’s and fortunately both tenants were able to move elsewhere relatively easily and successfully.

    we will NOT be re-letting the two properties, another 2 houses removed from the private rental stock.

    Message to Generation Rent. & Shelter..
    I genuinely believe you are foolish or misguided or both.
    Your strategy of trying to pressure the government to legalise the virtual theft of private rented properties to tenants is already backfiring big style. In my opinion you will see we are nowhere near “how bad it will get” with the loss of private letting landlords. Boris knows this thats why he is dithering over the rent reform act.
    Im also guessing most landlord’s vote Tory.
    at the end of the day as your policies fail the true situation will become clear, hopefully your tenants will know who to blame as they become more and more reliant on social housing that does not exist.

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