Shelter calls for social housing following stark homeless figures

Building more social housing is the only sustainable solution to homelessness, said Shelter.

According to government figures 183,290 households have been tipped into homelessness since the start of the pandemic, while between April and June 2021 91 families have been made homeless per day.

This is despite the tenant eviction ban spanning much of the pandemic, which finally expired at the end of May.

Polly Neate, chief executive of Shelter, said: “Since the pandemic erupted, more than 180,000 households have been thrown into homelessness and a desperately uncertain future.

“With 91 families becoming homeless every single day, the Chancellor missed a vital opportunity to deal with the biggest bill people face – their rent. The government’s failure to invest in truly affordable social homes means far too many children will have to call a grimy hostel room “home” for the foreseeable.

“While the government’s benefits support for people in work will provide a vital lifeline for some, it won’t help everyone in need. The months ahead are going to be very hard with soaring food and energy prices on top of extortionate and rising rents. If struggling families are to stand a chance at recovery, the government has to build decent social homes – it is the only solution to homelessness that will last.”

Between April and June 20,850 families approached their local council and were found to be homeless or at risk of homelessness.

16,210 homeless households were placed into emergency B&Bs and hostels, but conditions tend to be overcrowded and poor, with families sharing facilities like bathrooms.

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  1. Shelter need to campaign AGAINST Social Housing providers who are being Paid More than the LHA for ‘Affordable@ [sic] Housing.
    Leaves less money to go around and help other Homeless.

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