Students worried about lack of covid measures in accommodation

More needs to be done to make student accommodation covid-safe, according to the majority of students.

The lack of space and ventilation at universities is a big concern, as well as the lack of sanitation in communal areas.

The lack of automatic doors also means students have to regularly touch the same handles as one another.

Four in five (78%) students feel their student accommodation could be improved to be covid safe, research from Manor Interiors has found.

This suggests landlords may be able to attract more student interest provided their properties are more covid safe than a student halls of residence.

Farhan Malik, chief executive of Manor Interiors, said: “It’s encouraging to see that despite being least at risk health-wise, the younger generation is considering the threat posed by Covid when heading to university and the vital role they play in minimising its spread.

“Covid is unlikely to disappear any time soon and it’s important that we adapt across the board to deal with it. The design of student accommodation is no different and whether it’s the delivery of new units or the redesign of older buildings, there’s plenty that can be done to minimise the risks posed by Covid.

“Space is always tight where student accommodation is concerned and health and safety requirements prevent greater levels of ventilation through fully open windows in large blocks.

“However, the interiors design of these blocks can go a long way in maximising space with bespoke furniture that’s made to measure a particular area.

“By doing so, universities can make an immediate, cost-effective change to existing accommodation to better their offering and reduce concern among students, who already have a lot to think about having started their higher education journey.”

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