How to attract tenants to your Airbnb – a swimming pool

People looking for a holiday home are most swayed by properties with swimming pools, Mintel’s Holiday Rental Property UK 2021 report found.

While pools start at around £15,000 to install and are costly to maintain, they could clearly give your property the edge if you decide to let it out using sites like Airbnb.

Another similar option is installing a hot tub.

The second biggest attraction is unusual properties, like windmills or lighthouses, followed by farmhouse cottages with beams.

Annabelle Ottaway, marketing director of UnderTheDoormat, said: “The first thing I would recommend is to conduct an audit of their property to truly uncover what features it has. Whilst fewer homeowners might have a swimming pool to offer, hot tubs are certainly now more commonplace.

“Anything that is unusual or can be styled to be quirky or provide downright luxury will ensure your property moves further up the pecking order. We often find that people look for homes that reflect the life they lead – so featuring anything in your home that showcases your personality will increase the chances of attracting a guest similar to yourself.”

“The second thing to do is to make it as easy as possible for people to discover all of the things that they can do in the surrounding area. Provide information about the property’s location and vicinity to the best restaurants, local walks or nearby tourist attractions.”

Other factors that would encourage consumers to pick one property over another are those off the beaten track, as well as properties that have a games room for things like table tennis or pool.

Some look for larger properties, the ability to book local activities using an app or website, as well as places where bikes are provided.

Ottaway added: “Finally think about what else you can offer to make the stay more appealing such as converting a room into a games room with a table tennis table, dartboard or Scalextric.

“Make sure everything is in good working order. The same goes for bikes. Make sure you have three or four of them that are clean, in good working order and come with lights and locks.

“This is especially important for larger properties where the demand from extended families or groups of friends is likely to skyrocket this year now that we’re not living under the COVID restrictions that were in place last year.

“By investing some time and a little money, you can make your property stand out from the others, have a much better chance of being able to charge more and importantly get good reviews and returning guests.”

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