Tenant jailed for murdering landlords

A London tenant has been convicted for murdering his landlords in their Stockwell home.

Daniel Briceno Garcia, 46, stabbed his landlords in the home they shared, while they also lived with five other tenants.

The landlords, Sonia Butron Calvi, 66, and 60-year-old Edgar Aguilera Daza, were found lying in a pool of their own blood by police.

Prosecutor Tom Little QC said: “What was found at the property can only be properly described as a bloodbath.”

The tenant admitted manslaughter but denied murder, claiming he was mentally ill, becoming paranoid about catching covid and paying the rent during the pandemic.

However the jury at The Old Bailey deliberated for just 45 minutes before finding him guilty of two counts of murder on Wednesday.

A fellow tenant rushed to Daza’s bedroom after hearing screams, to find him being stabbed in the stomach and Calvi screaming.

Garcia strangled Daza while Calvi pleaded with him to stop, and told him she would call the police.

Daza was discovered in a puddle of his blood in the hallway while Calvi laid face down holding a kitchen knife.

The police arrived after six 999 calls to find Garcia’s hands bleeding as he held them up.

In Garcia’s room a whiteboard was found on which the COVID crisis was explained in French and Spanish writing, while a search of his bedroom uncovered the murder weapon.

Prosecutor Tom Little QC, for the prosecution, said: “Witnesses describe that the defendant had become concerned, if not paranoid, about the risk that Covid was going to pose, and was concerned about that in this property.

“That in itself you may think is understandable. It is quite another thing to react to the risks which Covid posed with the use of a knife.”

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