Tenants struggle with their mental health more than homeowners

Renters are more at risk of mental health issues than homeowners, the 2019-20 English Housing Survey from Pick My Pad suggests.

A third (32%) of social renters have experienced anxiety, followed by private renters (29%).

In comparison a quarter (25%) of homeowners said they were anxious.

Answers to the other questions also suggest social renters are struggling the most, as only 70% said they were happy, compared to 73% of private tenants and 78% of homeowners.

Mish Liyanage, chief executive of Pick My Pad, said: “It’s very sad that so many social tenants are suffering with poor mental health. The pandemic has caused all kinds of issues and as the lockdown measures ease, it is incumbent on the PRS industry to take action to provide greater support to tenants.

“According to the charity Mind, housing and mental health are often linked. Poor mental health can make it harder to cope with housing problems, while being homeless or having problems in your home can make your mental health worse.

“With the high yielding social housing market, landlords need to work with their tenants because if they are looked after, they will be more content and are much more likely to look after the property.

“It is important that landlords maintain dialogue – verbally and by email/SMS, so that tenants are comfortable raising any issue or problem with the property. This could be the difference between a tenant reporting a simple leaking tap or a burst pipe, that has flooded the kitchen.”

The survey was undertaken before the pandemic.

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