The safest areas for landlords to buy

York is the safest city for landlords to buy property, with a low crime rate of 60.6 per 1,000 people, research by Currys and Swann has revealed.

The city is known for history, abundance of green space and low pollution levels.

Another safe city is Poole (70.69), which has the largest natural harbour in the whole of Europe.

Then there’s Swindon (73.04) and Coventry (74.04), with the latter having one of the shortest average commute times in the UK, at 44 minutes daily.

Investors who want to avoid crime should stay clear of buying in Middlesbrough, which has a crime rate of 160.92 per 1,000 people.

Manchester (159.38) and Kingston Upon Hull (149.08) are other particularly unsafe cities.

Plymouth the best city for community

Plymouth is the city with the best community spirit across the UK, as more than two thirds (69.4%) say they have a good relationship with their neighbours.

The city is known for relatively affordable house prices, as the average price for a 3 bed property is £185,000.

Other cities with the best community spirit are Belfast (69%), Cardiff (67.5%) and Edinburgh (66.7%).

People in Cardiff are most likely to socialise with their neighbours, while half (50%) of those in Edinburgh say they look out for each other in the local community.

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