Toys R Us returning to the UK

In a move prompting some nostalgia, Toys R Us will return next year after its parent company ANZ agreed a long-term licence agreement with brand acquisition firm WHP Global.

The store is set to start as an online retailer late in the year before returning to having physical stores in 2022.

Toys R Us had 100 stores in the UK before shutting in 2018, though it currently operates overseas in the likes of the US and Australia.

When it closed 2,000 employees lost their jobs.

Yehuda Shmidman, the chairman of WHP Global and Toys R Us, said: “Toys R Us today is a vibrant business with over 900 stores and e-commerce sites across 25-plus countries generating over US$2 billion a year in sales and growing, especially with the new launches underway for both the US and UK markets.”

Louis Mittoni, boss of Toys ‘R’ Us ANZ, said: “My team and I are looking forward to developing technical and commercial relationships with UK-based vendors and partners and to engage with the many loyal Toys ‘R’ Us former customers and fans in the UK.”

Toys R Us first operated in the UK in 1985, meaning many are nostalgic to see the old brand’s return.

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