Welsh landlords have until mid-July to serve a fast Section 21 eviction

Landlords in Wales have just under four months to evict tenants using Section 21 with two months notice.

Today the six-month notice period reverted back to two months, but it will move back to six months on 15 July with launch of Renting Homes Wales legislation.

The notice period was originally extended to protect renters during the height of the pandemic, but the Welsh government decided to make it a permanent change.

Last month it emerged that twice as many landlords in Wales are selling their buy-to-let investments compared to the rest of the UK, suggesting that some landlords have decided to leave the sector rather than adapt to the changes.

Welsh landlords driven out of the market ahead of The Renting Homes (Wales) Act

Once the new rules come into force landlords will also not be able to give notice until six months after the contract begins, while they also need to follow deposit protection rules and register with Rent Smart Wales.

The reforms will also bring in new fit for human habitation rules, including the need for electrical safety testing and ensuring working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are fitted.

Abandoned properties can be repossessed without needing a court order.

The Welsh government has launched a campaign designed to clue up both renters and landlords about the upcoming changes.

Welsh renting reform the “biggest change to housing law for decades”

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