York landlords consider legally challenge licensing scheme

Landlords in York have threatened legal action against the City of York after it approved widening its city licensing scheme, York Mix reports.

Andy Simpson, chairman of York Residential Landlords Association, argued that the data the council gathered to justify its decision via its consultation was from an unreliable small sample.

Instead of introducing the wider scheme, he called for a voluntary scheme run by a third party.

However Councillor Michael Pavlovic urged the council’s executive “not to be cowed by vested interests”.

He said: “It cannot have come as a surprise that only 15% of tenants and 18% of non-tenants thought landlords maintain their properties to a good standard.

“Of course landlords don’t want to be further regulated, when did they ever? But you need to hold firm and not succumb to threats of legal action.”

The council report found there was a failure to meet health and safety standards, inadequate room sizes, lack of natural light, failure to provide appropriate kitchens, bathroom or toilet facilities and a failure to provide appropriate heating or minimum energy efficiency standards.

Councillor Denise Craghill added: “Voluntary schemes have been tried in the past and not worked. Licensing will not only significantly improve conditions for tenants, but will also improve the management of properties and reduce their impact on nearby residents.”

The York wards affected by the new licensing scheme are: Hull Road; Guildhall; Fishergate; Clifton; Heworth; Micklegate; Osbaldwick and Derwent and Fulford and Heslington.

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  1. Hey they could do a “Croydon” and license every rented property within the council’s area- You never know they might eventually be able to claim they have prosecuted and listed 2 Rogue landlords in a few years time. Money Money Money. The percentage figures quote of 15% of landlords that maintain their property to a good standard does not match the national satisfaction figures for the PRS – More spin? Make up your own minds.

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