Boston has the greatest share of ‘old’ homes in the US

Boston, Massachusetts, has the biggest share of older homes across the whole of the United States, LendingTree research shows.

A third (33.19%) of homes built in the Boston area were constructed before 1939 – old by US standards.

The older properties have a median value of $469,500 (£331,250), above the average in Boston $437,500 (£309,000).

Nearby Providence, Rhode Island has the second highest proportion of old homes (31.38%), followed by Buffalo, New York (31.33%).

While older homes can have more charm, LendingTree said buyers need to take into account extra costs associated with a home’s age.

Older homes may require some work, whether that’s updating electrical wiring or refurbishing the kitchen or bathroom.

They may also command higher insurance premiums, but this could be worth it, given that they could be more prone to damage and more costly to repair.

Some US cities were almost entirely built after 1939.

The greatest example is the gambling capital of Las Vegas, Nevada, where 0.39% of homes were built before then.

Similarly you’re hard pressed to find many old properties in Phoenix, Arizona (0.91%) or Orlando, Florida (1.53%).

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