Lendlord launches Integrated auction and bridging tool

Property Investor platform Lendlord has launched an integrated auction tool that allows users to browse online auctions and arrange bridging finance within the same portal.

Investors can analyse returns on auctioned purchases if they let them out or flipped them for immediate profit.

Aviram Shahar, co-founder and chief executive at Lendlord, said: “The whole purpose of Lendlord is to make it as easy as possible for property investor and landlords to manage their investments and increase their returns.

“There are so many opportunities to uncover for savvy investors in property auctions, but the process can be clunky and time consuming.

“By bringing together the ability to view lots, analyse properties and apply for bridging finance, all within the Lendlord platform, we are giving investors the tools they need to make the most of new opportunities, grow their portfolios and maximise their profitability, all without leaving our website.

“We think this is going to be a game changer for investors and we are looking forward to helping more landlords profit from property.”

Details investor key into the platform when analysing properties will automatically be carried through to a potential bridging loan application.

Bridging loans can be useful for auctioned purchases because they can be completed within 28 days.

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