Labour pledges to boost council housing stock if elected

The Labour Party has vowed to restore social housing as the second biggest tenure ahead of the private rented sector if elected, in order to ease the supply issues in the housing market.

The party’s shadow communities secretary Lisa Nandy went so far as saying “council housing, council housing” will be the party’s new mantra at Labour’s conference in Liverpool.

Nandy said: “Council housing is not a dirty word.

Lisa Nandy

“So today, I can announce we will be the first government in a generation to restore social housing to the second-largest form of tenure.

“This will be our mantra: council housing, council housing, council housing. We are going to rebuild our social housing stock and bring homes back into the ownership of local councils and communities, with homeownership opened up to millions more.”

Labour also want to raise wages for the lowest paid in the first 100 days of being elected, as well as repealing the 2016 Trade Union Act and ending fire and rehire practices.

Nandy said: “We believe that when people have a stake in the outcome, they work harder, they try longer, they think more creatively and they do more.

“The people of our country are our great untapped asset. Labour will tilt the balance of power back in their favour.”

She added that the Conservative Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng has handed £55,000 to millionaires while people can’t afford to pay their rent, feed their kids and heat their homes.

She then echoed Liz Truss’s infamous phrase from the Conservative Party conference in 2014: “That is a disgrace.”

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