Where English speakers look to invest in Italy

English speaking investors who want to dip into the Italian property market typically focus on Tuscany, (8.7%), data from property portal Gate-away.com shows.

The region’s capital is Florence while it’s known for its history and artistic legacy.

Another popular region is Sicily (6.7%), the island region whose capital city is Palermo.


After that is Umbria (6,4%), a region of central Italy known for its hills, mountains and valleys.

It seems many British inventors dream of the sea when it comes to Italy, as 25.2% of English speakers mainly opt for properties by the sea.

A Gate-away spokeswoman said: “Searching for a property by the sea can mean looking for beachfront properties but also homes which are situated more inland.

“So for example properties on the Italian rolling hills from where you can still admire the sea while living a slow paced life far from the city buzz yet just a few kilometers from the coastline.

“This is because driving distances in Italy are really shorter than those of other countries like America for example. So for them, reaching the sea in a few minutes is a very good option.

“This is so true that some of them have specified that they are searching for something with ‘sea view but not next to the sea’.

“Also, when English speakers look for a property for sale in Italy on the World Wide Web, apart from ‘property(s) for sale in Italy’ which is the most used term, ‘seaside homes’ and ‘coastal homes in Italy’ are respectively the second and third most used terms.”

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