Housing minister and renters reform architect resigns

The minister who was behind the Renters Reform Bill and the accompanying white paper has resigned from the government.

Hughes was an advocate of the controversial proposal to scrap Section 21 evictions within the rental sector, while he also dealt with briefs like homelessness and building safety.

Eddie Hughes, the Conservative MP for Walsall North, tweeted: “I have decided to hand back by red box in return for the opportunity to spend yet more time working for my constituents in Walsall North, championing their causes in Parliament. Thank you to all in the rough sleeping & housing sectors for support during my time as a minister.”

In a day overshadowed by the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Dehenna Davison (Bishop Auckland) has been appointed a junior minister in the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities.

Meanwhile Paul Scully has been re-appointed as a Minister of State (Minister for London).

Timothy Douglas, head of policy and campaigns for Propertymark, commented: “A change of Minister will add to the uncertainty the proposals within the renters’ reform white paper have created among the landlords our member agents represent, specifically the lack of protections against anti-social behaviour with the removal of Section 21 notices and the move away from fixed-term tenancies.

“We’re ready to work closely with whoever replaces Eddie Hughes to ensure that if the private rented sector is to be reformed, it is fair, balanced and workable, and goes ahead without any further delays.”

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  1. Nice one Mr Hughes get out before the stuff hits the fan. When abolition of S21 happens Tenants will suffer as rental properties will reduce in supply whilst demand rises due to less supply. Neighbours of property where anti social tenants exist will lose value in their property as will the landlords as removal of such tenants will be highly expensive. Help from the councils or the police just will not happen. “Sorry Sir its a civil matter” will be left ringing in your ears. Major costs and rich lawyers will result if landlords takes action where the court can decide the outcome, so chances of action by landlords will be significantly reduced. Vote conservative to devalue your home!!!! or depress a neighbourhood. This is a personal view, of course, but I suspect many may well agree.

  2. Don’t forget it was Eddie Hughes who ruled out rent controls in England. Now he is gone, has the the promise gone with him? Maybe he has principles and the potential breaking of that promise is behind his decision to concentrate on his constituents, who knows? We will have to wait and see, but pressure must be growing after events in Scotland.

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